Already Rising RAM Prices Continue Rising With A Predicted Price Increase Of Up To 23% For 2Q21

Graphics cards are already in a severe shortage and certain CPUs are short on supply including the AMD Ryzen 5900X and the Intel Core i9-11900K. The rise of the Chia Coin might create a hard drive and SSD shortage and RAM is already quite short on supply causing price increases. TrendForce has increased its prediction for the overall price of DRAM now predicting an increase between 18 and 23% for DRAM in the second quarter of 2021.

Increased Laptop Manufacturing In 2Q21 Will Cause Up To A 28% Price Increase For PC RAM

DRAM is already short on supply due to the increased demand from many sectors. Even with the shortages of other components, consumers are still building systems and buying RAM. Adding to the increase in demand, the global chip shortage has certainly affected the DRAM supply. Historically speaking, the second quarter has been the quarter where laptop manufacturing is the highest with TrendForce expecting a 7.9% rise in laptop manufacturing which will further increase the demand for RAM.

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The increased demand for RAM has caused a quarter-on-quarter price increase of 25% on 8GB DDR4 2666MHz modules. The increased production of laptops and aggressive purchasing of RAM seen by OEMs has caused TrendForce to predict an increase by 23 - 28% in 2Q21 for PC RAM. On top of PC DRAM shortages, server DRAM is also seeing an increase between 20-25% with the boom of cloud computing. These prices increase will be seen throughout all RAM types including GDRAM, mobile, server, and PC DRAM.

A quarter-on-quarter price increase was already expected, but not as extreme. TrendForce had to revise its forecast to an overall increase of DRAM price of 13-18% now up to 18-23%. The worst part is that the shortage isn't expected to subside anytime soon, so now we are going to be seeing a GPU and DRAM shortage making building a computer even more difficult and costly.

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