Detailed Xiaomi Mi5 Leak Pegs Device With Snapdragon 820 And 5.3 Inch Screen


Chinese smartphone manufacturers on the rise steadily, and their list would be woefully incomplete without Xiaomi, the upstart which has managed to gain a surprising relevance in the mobile world over the past year or so. Xiaomi's been busy this year, already having launched the Mi Note Pro, that chose to rely on US chipmaking giant Qualcomm's ill fated Snapdragon 810. But Xiaomi's jewel in the crown, its Mi flagship smartphone series is yet to see a launch, and according to earlier leaks, the company is expected to launch the device later this year, with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 on board.

Alleged Xiaomi Mi5 Leaks Pegs Device With 5.3 Inch Screen And 2K Screen Resolution

While we've seen plenty of information pegging the Xiaomi Mi5 with the Snadpragon 820, there's been little information so far about the device's other specifications. Currently, the Xiaomi Mi5 has been said to come with a 5.2 inch screen, coupled with QHD resolution. Today's rumor manages to confirm several of these, and manages to bump the Mi5's screen size to 5.3 inches. According to sources, the Mi5 goes by the internal codename of 'Libra' over at Xiaomi and will be launched by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer in November, which is also expected to be the period in which the Snapdragon 820 will start to become available.

The Mi5 is also now reported to be coming with a fingerprint scanner on board, which should not be coming as any surprise either. The device will come featuring 4 GB of RAM and two storage choices of 16 and 64 GB. Rear camera resolution for the device will be 16 MP with its front camera coming with a resolution of 6 MP. All of this will be powered by a battery of 3,030 mAh which should prove sufficient for most users. This leak pegs the Mi5 to be a good looking device indeed and helps Xiaomi stay relevant in an industry that's started to become increasingly competitive day by day. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.