Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Now Adds Several New Features To Its Bucket

Ahmed Bilal

Adobe has revealed many new features, as promised, for its top notch Marketing Cloud. The cloud is aimed at retailers giving them more customer engagement and thus benefiting them.

 Adobe marketing cloud

 Adobe's newly added features will help you stay ahead of the pack

There are six tools that make up the Adobe Marketing Cloud which include the Targeting and Testing,Web Experience Manager, Media Optimizer and Analytics. It also has a solution for managing campaigns across channels known as Campaign. Social, also being a part of Adobe Marketing cloud fills up the last spot in the six tools. The level of integration in the case of marketing cloud depends on the cloud itself and the tools according to the promise made by the company.

The tools that make up the marketing cloud with the exception of Adobe Campaign 

A new feature in one of the Marketing Cloud’s also allows contextually relevant data which includes time, location information and purchase records, etc. Hitherto, an email that remained unopened or unread for a number of days or weeks will obviously have outdated information in it, said Kerry Reilly, the director of Adobe Campaign.  Cloud’s data is a key tool of email campaigns which is now more readily available than before.

"Sharing audiences between solutions is like building pipes that enable the sharing of target groups between campaigns," Reilly said.

A three hour sale will be shown to you given that it is still available. Also, the email’s content can be constricted to the reader and the city the reader is present in. Adobe’s DI, more appropriately known as digital index is a report considering purchasing and marketing interfaces at its platform, that too in zillions of amount. This report clearly exhibits that based on the locations, marketing promotions are availed by more than one third of the consumers in US.  Common to the six tools, marketers inside the Core Services can now create targeted audience and later can share it in any part of the cloud. A drag and Drop tool is also established and shared in Campaign to spawn hotspots over emails or webs in Experience Manager. Another drag and drop tool allows personalization which includes writing texts on images containing customers profile to make a person specific banner to be used in the emails. These add on tools are allowing adobe to distinguish them from other competing clouds in this era and they are definitely setting the bar high.

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