Photoshop 2017 Adds Touch Bar Support On MacBook Pro; Here’s How You Can Utilize The Feature


Apple's MacBook Pro has come under a lot of criticism. Casual users claim the device is overpriced for a notebook of its specifications. Professionals claim that the removal of the function bar and other features don't allow for much hardcore use. Add battery life problems in the mix and it starts to look like Apple's game isn't what it used to be. In all fairness, the MacBook Pro is a fantastically designed device. The removal of external ports will cause inconvenience but Apple's never been about making consumers happy at the expense of what it believes to be the correct design approach. Today, we've got some good news for all of you who love Adobe Photoshop. Take a look below for more.

You'll Be Able To Use Adobe Photoshop With The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar With Photoshop 2017

As Adobe launches Project Felix, it's also added support for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar in Photoshop 2017. Now users will finally be able to put the bar towards good, professional use. It'll make the Touch Bar an exclusive feature for Photoshop and will provide users with new and interactive methods to engage the feature and carry out their work.

As to how the feature works, for starters you'll be able to customize layers without having to use your mouse or moving all the way down towards the trackpad. It'll also help you manage your favorites by simply scrolling across and choose brushes quickly. Layers, Brushes and Favorites aren't the only features which can be accessed with Touch Bar.

Adobe also provides context specific features with Photoshop, which use Touch Bar's customizability to offer on the go operations. For example, tools such as Text or Transform display options to accept or cancel. Tools such as Select & Mask display controls for making selections. You can also take a look at some Photoshop based Touch Bar controls under the selection marked as 'A' above.

If you're wondering how to customize Touch Bar according to your needs, you can take a look at the second image above. To utilize the feature, simply select the Touch Bar mode (Layer, Properties, Brushes, Favorites). Now, open View and select Customize Touch Bar inside Photoshop. Complete details for usage can be viewed here. With Photoshop's support, the MacBook Pro sees a rare win amid a torrent of criticism. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.