Cellular 9.7-inch iPad Pro Has An Embedded, Non-Removable Apple SIM


Here's something interesting which Apple didn't talk about in its keynote yesterday - the cellular model of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes with an Apple SIM card, but this one's embedded and can't be removed by the user.

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The 9.7-inch iPad Pro Comes With An 'Embedded Apple SIM' Card Which Cannot Be Removed By The User

The Apple SIM is a genius way to flint between different carriers for data without having to pop in a new SIM card into the iPad. But of course, the Apple SIM itself is like a regular SIM card which can be removed by the user by simply popping out the SIM card tray of an iPad.

With the release of the new smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro however, it seems as though the company is taking a new direction in terms of how the Apple SIM works, embedding the solution directly into the iPad hardware itself, which cannot be removed by the user. But, you can still pop in a regular SIM card into the 9.7-inch iPad Pro SIM card tray, with the embedded solution still being in place alongside.

This is actually a clever move by Apple which gives us a brief amount of hint where the company will take the Apple SIM from here on in. It's quite possible that a future iPhone model will come with an embedded Apple SIM card, allowing you to switch carriers if you happen to be in a place where there's no reception for a particular network. As far fetched and outlandish it may sound, anything is possible at this point, and we encourage our readers to also speculate on this matter as well.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a carbon copy of its bigger 12.9-inch variant, but does come with a few changes that separates it from the rest of the lineup. For instance, the smaller iPad Pro comes with a True Tone display, something which cannot be found on any other tablet from Apple. Other than that, the biggest differentiator is the price at which the new smaller iPad Pro will retail for - starting at just $599 for the base 32GB model.

Speaking of storage, the iPad Pro now comes in a 256GB storage option as well, making it a perfect tablet for consuming media and storing files if you're out and about. But will the iPhone 7 follow suit with the same storage options as that of the iPad Pro?

That remains to be seen.