35 Galaxy Note 9 Camera Samples Show Over-Saturation & Sharp Details


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 last week with its usual flair and show. However, what the flair and show couldn't disguise was the fact that the phablet is yet another incremental upgrade from the company, this time with a $1000 tag. Samsung didn't make any hardware upgrades to the S9+'s dual camera setup, choosing to introduce the same setup on the Galaxy Note. Today, we've got some of the first camera samples of the Galaxy Note 9 for you. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Samples Show Over Saturated Images And Sharp Details

While we're disappointed at Samsung for not introducing any hardware upgrades on the Galaxy Note 9's rear camera, the company did make software changes. Some of these are similar to what's found on Huawei's device, such as features that inform the user about the environment, subjects, and camera condition when taking a photograph.

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The Note 9's rear camera samples don't show any significant differences over the S9+'s, as Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin was sharp enough to compare photographs of similar scenes shot on the Note 9, Galaxy S9+, and the iPhone X. His results and tests conducted by folks over at PhoneArena demonstrate a clear oversaturation and warmth in the Note 9's images, especially when compared to the iPhone X's.

As you can see above, the Galaxy Note 9 churns out some very heavy images with respect to color. The distinction is more clear once the images are viewed in tandem with the iPhone X's results, which you can find on Murtazin's blog. The Note 9, however, does capture some fine details and large frame images look cooler when compared to the iPhone X. The Note 9's color reproduction also looks a tad bit sharper than Apple's flagship.

Moving towards low-light results, there's little noise and the Note 9 manages to differentiate well between patches of adequate and no light. However, performance on long distance and large frame images leaves much to be desired and is an aspect that Samsung will touch on with next year's Galaxy S10 lineup if the rumors bear fruit. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.