3 Reasons Why Mango Power Union Is A Must Have Product In A World Of Increasing Power Outages

  • While major power outages have grown more than ten times in the last decade, new products address the needs of sustainability and heavy-duty capacity to resist long periods of outage.
  • Home-and-portable battery Mango Power Union comes powered with heavy-duty performance, app-enabled features and a superb interior design concept.

Power Outages: The new normal in US homes?

The United States has more power outages than any other developed country. And not just that, they last for longer than anywhere else.

In the last major outage event registered in 2021, poweroutage.us, a popular platform that tracks power outages in the country by collating official sources, estimates that 5.6 million households lost electricity during the February Winter Storms in Texas.

While this issue is not new, it is intensifying in a fast way. According to the US government’s Climate Resource Kit, due to climate change, future extreme events that can cause power outages are projected to be more frequent and last longer. The numbers that prove this realistic scenario are daunting.

According to an analysis by Climate Central, major outages (affecting more than 50,000 homes or businesses) grew ten times more common from the mid-1980s to 2012. From 2003 to 2012, weather-related outages doubled. In a 2017 report, the American Society of Civil Engineers reported that there were 3,571 total outages in 2015, lasting 49 minutes on average. The U.S. Energy Administration reports that in 2016, the average utility customer had 1.3 power interruptions, and their total blackout time averaged four hours.

In response to this situation, a pioneer energy company named Mango Power launched their annual flagship: Mango Power Union, this product is equipped with 6.9 kWh, High Class EV Polymer NCM Battery Cell and modular design can be expanded to up to 10 devices operating in parallel for a whopping 69 kWh and 40 kW output, that means you can keep power with Mango Power Union more than 10 days!

Traditional Generators vs Solar Batteries

While a popular workaround are diesel generators, a quick fix to utilize power at a time of need comes at a high cost, not just in price but also in convenience.

  • Diesel units can be very noisy, so they're often placed away from work areas.
  • Setting up a diesel generator can cost more on the outset than other generator types.
  • Not just that, but they also damage the environment by utilizing fossil fuels to generate energy. We could then argue that every time someone turns on a diesel unit during a power outage, that action contributes to more power outages in the future.

Thankfully, electrical power, most especially through solar technology, has been steadily improving over the years to the point where solar-powered generators and home batteries are not only just as good, but better at powering our homes, and they’re much more affordable too. Mango Power just got its start in 2021 and makes solar-powered generators that are affordable and easy to use.

Why Choose Mango Power Union? the only long-term solution to power outages

When looking at all the different home power options available in the market, specs vary a lot depending on the price. However, the Mango Power Union is a truly versatile unit that can solve a lot of different power needs at once, with a very attractive price.

  1. Home and Portable, all-in-one approach: Beyond Power Outages.

 Power Union, the flagship product of challenger brand Mango Power, is a modular power station consisting of two parts: a large, heavy-duty home base and a smaller, detachable unit designed for portability. This one purchase can comprehensively solve not only outage scenarios but also the need for portable energy during leisure time as well as solar power energy storage.

The smaller module – “Power Move”–comes packed with an impressive 2,000 watts of power and 2,300 watt hours of capacity, and is designed to be carried wherever you might want power. When attached to the heavy-duty “Power Home” base module, they form the Mango Power Union and are stronger than any portable power station you can find on the market today. The Power Union also impressively integrate the backup gateway and dual PV inverter in the device.

This combination of portability, heavy-duty power delivery, and ease of use make the Mango Power Union significantly different from any other modular portable power station currently on the market. When the family is out of power, you can use the main module alone or attach the power move to bring 4,000W/6,900WH emergency power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating or aircons to work as usual.

  1. App control – A smart way of optimizing resources & tracking your environmental footprint

 One aspect that makes Mango Power Union stand out from the competition is the rich amount of power data you can track with their app. Available for iOS and Android, you can track:

  • Available power
  • Charging rate
  • Temperature
  • Charging mode

Apart from that, the application has a series of social functions, such as a leaderboard sharing function that will allow you to compare how sustainable you are compared to other users of the app.

The app is also able to give you environmental data that allows you to track your environmental impact footprint. It displays the conversion of solar energy in KWh, Carbon emissions expressed in tons and tree planting equivalents thanks to the partnership of Mango Power Union with One Tree Planted. The app also estimates how much you’re saving by utilizing solar power, if you choose to do so, in comparison to just using the grid.

  1. Superb Design – Superb decoration value for an ultra functional device

The way that most power units look like out there is rather clunky. Mango Power Union is the only product of its kind that makes an impact and leaves a strong impression with its design looks.

Union focuses on tasteful design as a core element from the user experience. Apart from a modern look that can blend in most households, light indicators also have light pilots that provide information about your power situation.

All in all, combining the versatility of the product with its superb design and intelligent functionality thanks to the app, we can argue that Mango Power Union is an essential purchase for those who are looking at a long-term solution for all their power needs. Mango Power Union will be available on super early bird price for USD3,999 through Indigogo. You can get more information on their website

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