AMD’s Bulldozer based Processors Require 900 Series Chipset to enable Power Gating Feature

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD's upcoming 900 series chipset motherboards which will launch with the company's upcoming Zambezi-FX Processors based on the Bulldozer architecture would feature a revolutionary new power saving technology which would help in decreasing the energy consumption of AMD's new Processors.

After the first few details of the 900 series chipset, Most of us questioned what was the need of a totally new chipset while the features of both 800 and 900 chipsets were almost the same. After the announcement of AM3 CPU's being pin compatible with the new boards the question became more important for consumers to know. The answer to to why the new chipset is being implemented in the new boards for Zambezi based CPU's has been revealed by NordicHardware.

The Zambezi - FX CPU's come with a new Power gating feature which can only be enabled by implementing the new 900 series chip in the AM3+ motherboards. The new bulldozer architecture uses a new version of the Turbo Core technology that can optimize the performance of the chip according to the tasks run, in order to improve its power efficiency.

The new CPU's come with power gates which can power off certain cores of the chips while they are not in use. The 900 Series chipset contains specialized control units which allow for power saving features to be enabled on the new AM3+ processors. A demonstration image has been posted above the post which shows how the new technology helps in improving power management and efficiency.

The new Zambezi- FX CPU's from AMD are scheduled for release on 7th June at Computex 2011. More here. Source

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