Wild Hearts Trailer Shows Off the Game’s Many “Karakuri” Mechanical Tools and Weapons

Nov 17, 2022 06:29 PM EST
Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts may look like a Monster Hunter clone at first glance, but one of the things that ought to set it apart are its “Karakuri,” a variety of mechanical tools players can summon and use in various ways. Some of these Karakuri are focused on traversal, but there also traps, weapons, defensive items, and more. Basically, whatever the developers of Wild Hearts could dream up, there’s a Karakuri that does it. The latest Wild Hearts trailer focuses on Karakuri, showing off a wide range of these tools. Check it out, below.

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Need to know more? Here’s a quick rundown of Wild Hearts’ three different categories of Karakuri – basic, fusion, and dragon.

“Basic Karakuri are simple, quickly constructed and tend to do well during combat. They also generally do not require many resources to craft. The crate, spring and torch Karakuri are all in this category.

Fusion Karakuri require hunters to build multiple basic Karakuri that then fuse together, hence “Fusion” Karakuri. These are intended for countering Kemono attacks, although they can be used in a variety of situations. To learn Fusion Karakuri, hunters must seek new Kemono to battle. The pounder, star bomb and repeater crossbow are a few of the Fusion Karakuri hunters will learn.

Lastly, Dragon Karakuri affect a hunter’s hunting grounds and, more broadly, Azuma. Dragon Karakuri require such a massive amount of energy to operate that they draw power from the very land around them. The power that they draw from is called Celestial Thread. The available Celestial Thread in an area can grow as you discover and upgrade that area’s Dragon Pits.”

Finally, here’s a rundown of Wild Hearts’ Karakuri types

Spring (Basic Karakuri)

Launches the hunter in a desired direction. It can be crafted quickly and used to dodge, perform an enhanced jumping attack or even flank a Kemono faster than one could on foot.

Flying Vine (Dragon Karakuri)

A Karakuri that’s typically used outside of combat, the flying vine shoots a zipline across a great distance. Visiting hunters will also be able to use your zipline so your hunting party doesn’t get separated.

Bulwark (Fusion Karakuri)

This defensive Karakuri can be used in many situations but its main purpose is to counter charge attacks or to simply be used as a wall to block a Kemono attack.

Crate (Basic Karakuri)

The basic building block of the Karakuri. Allows hunters to gain the high ground to avoid attacks or, when positioned correctly, hunters can perform a powerful attack from above.

Torch (Basic Karakuri)

Useful both in and out of combat, the torch can be used to light a dimly lit area or to add fire to a hunter’s weapon to deal additional damage.

Pounder (Fusion Karakuri)

While it packs a wallop, the pounder is a more complex Karakuri that has a slower attack that inflicts a large amount of stun damage to its target.

Wind Vortex (Dragon Karakuri

Generates a strong upwards wind that can propel hunters into the air. Wind vortexes are always on and when used in conjunction with a glider gives the hunter added height and gliding speed.

Glider (Basic Karakuri)

Can be used in conjunction with a wind vortex or even a few crate Karakuri, the glider allows hunters to stay in the air longer to traverse Azuma more easily or position yourself directly overtop a Kemono.

Star Bomb (Fusion Karakuri)

The star bomb boasts a high attack power alongside a wide attack range. Although it takes some time to detonate on its own, it’ll explode immediately when attacked. Be warned though, the blast can send your fellow hunters flying if they’re caught in the explosion!

Repeater Crossbow (Fusion Karakuri)

An offensive Karakuri that shoots at regular intervals to increase your damage output and distract Kemono for a few precious seconds. A great choice when hunting flying Kemono.

Chain Trap (Fusion Karakuri)

Kemono that fall prey to a hunter’s chain trap will be immobile for a short period of time. Be sure to use this Karakuri wisely, as Kemono will begin to figure out how to escape the trap faster with each use.

Roller (Dragon Karakuri)

Simultaneously ancient and futuristic, hunters can traverse large distances quickly with this Karakuri. After tracking down prey, hunters can catapult a still-moving Roller into the Kemono. Best to hop off the Roller before doing this though.

Paddle Scoop (Dragon Karakuri)

Self-propelled, the paddle scoop is a more efficient method of catching fish while you are on the hunt. It’ll even store the fish it catches for later use.

Training Bear (Dragon Karakuri)

Complete with a variety of attacks, the training bear will be a key tool for hunters to improve their skills. Spar with the training bear while it’s on its hind legs or on all four.

Hunting Tower (Dragon Karakuri)

Detect large Kemono that are in the nearby vicinity. As hunters learn to better construct this Karakuri, the hunting tower will be able to locate additional artifacts and notable creatures.

Celestial Anchor (Basic Karakuri)

Hunters can tether themselves to a celestial anchor and swing around the anchor to close the gap between you and a Kemono. Celestial anchors can be used in some non-combat situations as well.

Celestial Cannon (Fusion Karakuri)

One of the most complex Karakuri, the celestial cannon collects surrounding celestial thread that it then hurls at its target. While difficult to aim, the cannon has such an intense impact that it has a chance to stagger Kemono.

Wild Hearts rampages onto PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 on February 17, 2023. You can check out Wcctech’s latest interview with the game’s developers here.