Wccftech Community Bench-a-Thon: World of Tanks

World of Tanks Benchathon

The year is coming to an end, and what better way to wrap it up here at WCCF than with a Bench-A-thon. And thanks to the good guys over at Wargaming.net, we have a beautiful new test. Launched just a few days ago, World of Tanks Encore offers a revamped graphics engine, and much more coming down the road.

Slated for release in March, World of Tanks encore brings with it 25+ redesigned maps, with improved textures, rendering, skyboxes and lighting system, reworked audio system, and many optimizations. Running through my own testing, I have noticed the new engine is optimized better for higher core counts, using up to 4 cores for rendering, and up to 8 for physics (could be more, but that’s all I could test). This results in really high frame rates with the appropriate GPU power behind it. For a detailed explanation of what this new engine brings, please check out our article over here.

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How to Submit

It’s easy!  Everyone is welcome to participate in the Bench-a-thon. Simply run the benchmark on ULTRA at any of below resolutions.


When you’re done, screenshot your score like nah:

Finally, post your score down below in the comment section.  Please include your screenshot and overclocking info/ general system specs (cpu, gpu, ram etc…) in your post.  More data will lead to more detailed results.

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So break out all the old and new hardware, crank up the overclocks, and show the community what you got.


Download the Benchmark here.  Good Luck/Happy Benching!

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