Super Smash Bros Ultimate May Get More Than 6 DLC Characters – Rumor

By Francesco De Meo  / 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has received its first DLC character, Piranha Plant, last month, and five more will be released in the future, including Joker from Persona 5. A recent finding, however, seems to suggest that more than 6 DLC characters may be released for the game.

Modder and dataminer HALO HYPE recently discovered in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate files that one of the files for the World of Light mode has 16 dummy character slots. One of them is being used for Piranha Plant, so the other 15 are definitely being reserved for additional characters.

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While the dummy slots are in the game files, they may end up not being used. While Super Smash Bros Ultimate is doing quite well on the market, it's likely that Nintendo is waiting to see how the additional characters will sell before committing to the development of additional ones.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is among the best entries in the series. In his review, Dave noted how the game is the ultimate rendition of the series. While still a little too familiar, the game is still the most accessible and interesting fighting game available.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely the Ultimate rendition of a beloved series. It’s still the most accessible and interesting fighting game out there, and it’s now better than ever. A little familiar in places, but this is the best Smash has ever been. Another essential Nintendo Switch game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available in all regions exclusively on Nintendo Switch

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