Microsoft Teams Can Now Run Natively on Apple Silicon

Aug 4, 2022 05:23 EDT
Microsoft Teams Can Now Run Natively on Apple Silicon

Microsoft has announced that Teams can now run natively on Apple SIlicon Macs, this means that if you are using the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 24-inch iMac, or a Mac Studio that is powered by Apple M1 or M2 chips, then the app is going to run natively on those devices. Previously, the app was designed for Intel processors, so in order to run it on Apple Silicon, it would need to go through Rosetta 2 compatibility layer, which does add some performance overhead.

Microsoft Teams is Going to Offer Better Performance with Apple Silicon Native Support

Even when the app is running, some would argue that Teams is not the fastest app, which means that now the app is now available natively, you can get a good boost in performance. Microsoft has said that one should expect “a significant boost in performance, ensuring efficient use of device resources”, along with a more optimized experience.

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According to Microsoft, the native Apple Silicon version of Teams is rolling out to everyone gradually and you should be getting the update in the coming months. That's a broad timeframe, however, but most of the users will be more than okay with waiting for the update to come.

The Apple Silicon has been around for some time now, and well, these processors have managed to gain a lot of traction as it is really good with the overall performance and efficiency. So, the fact that you are getting more and more apps natively on Apple Silicon including Microsoft Teams is certainly is a great thing.


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