[UPDATE] Final Fantasy VII Remake New Development Pics Showcase Cloud’s New Design

[Update] The images showcasing Cloud’s design, which have been shown during the Visual Works presentation are from the theme park ride at Universal Studios Japan, and not straight from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

[Original Story] We have known about Cloud having a new design in Final Fantasy VII Remake for some time now, but images of the new design didn’t make it online. Today, we can finally see how the game’s main character will look in the remake.

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Earlier today, new Final Fantasy VII Remake development pictures have surfaced online, showcasing Cloud’s new design. You can check out the new images below.

Speaking about the new Cloud’s design, Tetsuya Nomura stated a few weeks ago that the new design is meant to reflect Cloud’s persona, trying to capture the fact that he is far from being the tough guy he may seem to others.

Nomura says that this version of Cloud is probably the closest visually to capturing the personality of the original Cloud I.E to clarify this phrase that’s been thrown about so often from the partial snippets we got a while back – Nomura is commenting on how the visual design reflects Cloud’s persona, and they go on to say that visually, they’ve designed him in a way that captures the way Cloud was not a cool guy in the original game – how he was actually a f***up just putting on a strong front.

They say he looks “real/very very young” this time around, and contrasts him to the AC Cloud, implying a very drastic change from that.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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