How to Switch Apple Watch Home Screen from Grid View to List View [Tutorial]

Don’t like the ‘Grid View’ home screen on your Apple Watch? Here’s how you can switch it to ‘List View’ instead.

watchOS 4 Lets You Switch Apple Watch Home Screen from Grid View to List View. Here’s How You do it.

If you press the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, you’ll be taken to a grid of apps – your home screen. You can swipe around to find the app you want to launch, and it looks cool too. But of course, that swiping around part can become somewhat of a chore when you always forget where you ended up placing a particular app icon. Wouldn’t it be great if that home screen was a simple list, alphabetically arranged instead, which you can conveniently scroll with a flick? Thanks to watchOS 4, you can switch from Grid View to List View in a snap. We’ll show you how.

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Switch from Grid View to List View on Apple Watch.

1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go to the home screen. This won’t work in any other place.

2. Now deep press on the home screen and you’ll see two options.

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3. Press on List View and the home screen will transform magically into a list instead.

4. If you wish to return to Grid View, then repeat the steps above and select the ‘Grid View’ option instead.

Personally, I prefer the Grid View for a lot of reasons. It’s easy to go through a lot of apps at the same time given that you know exactly where you put them. For example, all my workout related apps are at the bottom left hand corner of the home screen. So a simple swipe there shows me everything in one place. But your reason may differ. It may even include the ‘cool’ factor, something which I loathe too.

I honestly wish Apple adds a fair bit more in the customization department on the Apple Watch with the next update of watchOS. Nothing is majorly wrong with how things are, but how about the ability to rearrange app order in the List View, eh Apple?

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