2018 iPhone Lineup Will Feature Three iPhones, Including A Low-Cost LCD Variant With Face ID, $650-$900 Price Tag Believes Wall Street

Apple’s launch of three iPhones this year departed from the company recent tradition of a two devices yearly portfolio. While Cupertino was forced to launch larger screened iPhones because of Android, the iPhone X was a result of increasing investor and market pressure to live up to its marketing campaigns promising innovation. Now that the base is set for future iPhones, we’re on to speculate about how Apple will build on it. Today, there’s some information straight from Wall Street. Take a look below to find out more.

 Apple Will Launch Three iPhones In 2018 Believes Analyst At Nomura Securities, Reiterating Ming-Chi Kuo’s Earlier Claims

Folks over at Nomura distributed a new note to their investors this Monday. It highlighted a lot of details for Apple’s alleged plans for next year’s iPhone launch. According to the note. we’ll get three devices next year as well. Two of these will use OLED displays while a third will feature an LCD panel and Facial Recognition, supported by the company’s trademark True Depth sensors.The two smartphones with an OLED display will measure 5.8″ and 6.5″ diagonally.

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A new 512GB storage variant will make it on the iPhone X and the larger variant will carry support for dual SIM cards. The latter is a rumor that we’ve seen surface many times before and is very unlikely, especially for US markets. However, Apple might launch the feature in China, where such devices are more common.

The third lower cost iPhone will cost around $650-$900, and cater to the ‘middle-range’ smartphone segment. It will feature a single lens rear camera and no Force Touch. However, Facial Recognition will feature on the device, as mentioned above as well. Pegatron and Winstron will assemble the device as opposed to Foxconn, which will be limited to the high end models only. The source of today’s information is Apple’s supply chain, but is subject to change.

“Please note that all the potential spec changes and supply chain dynamics for 2H18F new iPhones in this report are observations from our supply chain surveys, together with our own inferences, and they are subject to change, as the new iPhone specs and suppliers will not be finalized before late-1Q or early-2Q18F.” warn the analysts. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on the latest.

Source: Business Insider

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