AMD Readies Major New Driver – Crimson Relive Redux To Feature OSD Performance Monitoring

We’re getting close to that time of year, and you know what that means for all of you AMD users out there. As has become the tradition inside the company over the past several years, the Radeon Technologies Group releases a major driver update every year around the holidays.

The new driver update is part of an annual AMD Radeon tradition which involves a massive driver package that gets released as a holiday gift by the company to its users every December. Last year the company released Crimson Relive, which delivered over a dozen new features including gameplay capture with “Relive” which the driver was named after.

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In the year prior, the company completely overhauled the UI and driver package for Radeon users replacing Catalyst with Radeon Software. The year before that, Radeon users received another mega driver update, called Catalyst Omega.

AMD’s New Big Driver Update – Crimson Relive Redux

The company’s upcoming major driver package is code-named Crimson Relive Redux and will feature built-in on-screen-display performance monitoring features. The new tools introduce the ability to both display and record a plethora of metrics including :
– Framerates
– GPU utilization
– GPU clock speeds
– GPU temperature
– GPU power
– GPU fan tachometery
– vRAM utilization
– vRAM clock speeds
– CPU utilization
– CPU clock speeds
– System RAM utilization

Built-in driver OSD hardware performance monitoring has been one of the most requested features by AMD fans since the introduction of Crimson Relive last year, so this should make a lot of Radeon users out there very happy. This is going to be one of several other new features we’re told and is usually the case with these huge driver releases, performance improvements for a wide range of games is also to be expected. We’ll bring you all of those details as soon as the info is made available to us, so stay tuned!

The new release is expected to land some time next month.

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