ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti Extreme Edition Unveiled – Core Clocked at 1100MHz

ZOTAC is now preparing an Extreme Edition model of the recently released GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card featuring a huge factory overclock of 1.1GHz and a custom PCB design.

ZOTAC has previously launched Extreme Edition variants of the GeForce GTX 680/ GTX 670. Just like its bigger brothers, the GTX 660 Ti Extreme Edition features a 8+3+1 Phase VRM equipped with the bleeding edge International Rectifier GaNpowIR driver-MOSFETs, server-grade tantalumcapacitors, and FPCAP multi-phase capacitors, All driven by the CHiL CHL8318 VRM controller.

The GPU consists of 1344 Cuda cores, 112 TMUs, 24 ROPs and a 2GB GDDR5 memory which runs across a 192-bit interface. The GPU is clocked at a massive 1100MHz Core, 1202MHz Boost and 6600MHz memory frequency. These frequencies are triggered through an OC switch module shipped with the package.

The heatsink consists of five 9mm heatpipes running through the dense aluminum fin array and cooled by dual fans. ZOTAC also adds a backplate and a PCB supporter in the package. The black color shroud is a nice change over the silver color shroud on the other Extreme Edition cards.

Display outputs consist of two DVI and a single HDMI plus display port. The card also offers support for 3-Way SLI. Power is provided through  8+6 Pin connectors.

ZOTAC have not yet detailed the pricing and availability of the GTX 660 Ti Extreme Edition.

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