Hines: We Didn’t Have Much of A Choice, We Contacted The Prey for the Gods Team A Long Time Ago

May 5, 2017 04:00 EDT

The Prey for the Gods situation made the rounds on the Web, pretty much gathering unanimous disdain for Bethesda's decision to enforce their trademark on little indie team No Matter Studios.

Bethesda's Vice President of PR & Marketing, Pete Hines, offered several interesting replies on the matter via Twitter in the last few hours. To begin with, he stated that the company didn't have much of a choice as they could have risked losing the Prey trademark otherwise. He also suggested that No Matter Studios didn't listen to Bethesda or even their own lawyer when they filed the trademark.

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That's when things got really interesting. According to Hines, Bethesda reached out to the Prey for the Gods team almost two years ago, before their (successful) Kickstarter campaign. Which begs the question: why did they bring it up only just now, on Arkane's Prey launch day?

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I suppose the folks at No Matter Studios may want to clarify on this specific issue. In the meantime, Hines also suggested that Bethesda had to change the name to games or DLCs several times due to the very same regulations.

Arkane's Prey is available now on PC (where it's a fine port), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and you shouldn't overlook it due to all these shenanigans.

Praey for the Gods, on the other hand, should enter Closed Alpha testing soon (which is when Kickstarter backers will first get their hands on the work-in-progress build). We're very much looking forward to this game, too, so stay tuned on Wccftech for more coverage.