You can now jailbreak iOS 13.3 with checkra1n 0.9.7

Dec 14, 2019

You can now use checkra1n to jailbreak iOS 13.3. The tool was initially released as a solution based on checkm8 exploit, to jailbreak devices running iOS 12.3 and above. The devices range from iPhone 5s and above, although support for a few iPhone and iPad models is still experimental. Here is all you need to know about checkra1n iOS 13.3 jailbreak.

Use Checkra1n to Jailbreak iOS 13.3

Thanks to checkra1n, users on iOS 13.3 can jailbreak their iOS devices to install tweaks and apps that cannot be installed through official means like the App Store. Checkra1n jailbreak works by taking advantage of a vulnerability in A5 - A 11 processors, created by Apple for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The BootROM vulnerability is called checkm8 and cannot be patched by Apple through software updates.

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Devices ranging from iPhone 4S - iPhone X are impacted by this vulnerability, regardless of the iOS version. This means that even if Apple released iOS 14 or iOS 15 for these devices, developers would be able to release updates to checkra1n to use checkm8 and jailbreak them.

Here are the complete release notes for checkra1n 0.9.7 beta.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue which prevented the GUI from detecting changes in device modes
  • Fixes an issue that caused the GUI to hang when jailbreaking some iPad models

Other changes

  • Add initial Apple TV 4K support
  • Purge OTA updates on boot
  • Add support for iOS 13.3
  • Remove libimobiledevice as a dependency
  • Properly handle situations where there’s no internet connection available while bootstrapping tvOS
  • Add a Control Center shortcut for the tvOS loader app

Although Apple TV 4K is supported, it will show a ‘-20 error’. Ignore this as the jailbreak will be successful despite the error message.

The following devices are currently unsupported and jailbreaking may or may not work on them. Proceed with caution

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Air

iOS 13.3 was released just a few days ago with new features like Screen Time communication limits, Apple News design updates, improved junk message handling and more. Details for upcoming Powerbeats4 headphones were also leaked due to some strings uncovered in iOS 13.3 code.

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checkra1n is still in beta and is not recommended for installation on your primary device. If you know what you are doing and are willing to take the risk, You can download the latest checkra1n update from the link below. The app is available only on Mac for now.

Download checkra1n