You Can Now Buy Snap Inc.’s Spectacles for Snapchat from Amazon – Purchase Link


No more hunting for Spectacles, as the official Snapchat accessory from Snap Inc. is now available to buy directly from Amazon.

Snap Inc. Spectacles Arrive on Amazon - Available in Three Different Colors For $129.99

Previously, Spectacles were available only via the company's official pop-up locations. Thankfully, Snap Inc. went ahead and made the accessory available through its online store. Now, things are moving forward as Spectacles are now available directly from Amazon.

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Spectacles are available in three different colors from Amazon, which includes Black, Teal and Coral. They'll set you back $129.99 regardless of the color you buy. And yes, there are third-party accessories available if you're willing to customize Spectacles according to your own taste, so make sure you explore them as well.

In case you're wondering what Spectacles are capable of doing, here's the complete description straight from Amazon itself.

-Capture the Moment: Spectacles are sunglasses that Snap! Record from your perspective with the press of a button.

-Up to 30 Seconds: Spectacles capture video, moment-by-moment. Record for 10, 20, or 30 seconds at a time!

-Record in HD: Connect to Spectacles over Wi-Fi to import your Snaps in HD. You can send them on Snapchat, or export them to another app or your device’s camera roll!

-On-The-Go Charging: Spectacles can capture up to 100 Snaps on one charge. Power them back up in their charging case, which can hold up to 4 full charges at a time!

-The Full Package: You’ll receive a new pair of Spectacles, a charging case, a charging cable, a cleaning cloth, a quick start guide, and info about your 1-year warranty!

If you believe you're an avid Snapchat user then it's highly recommended that you give the accessory a try. It packs a decent amount of battery life and is the best companion to take along with you on outdoor trips. After all, who doesn't love recording videos from a perspective that is completely immersive and jaw dropping.

Do let us know in the comments section if you bought yourself a paid of Spectacles. If you did, then which color you went for.