Later This Year; Sense 7.0 Will Be Coming To High-End Models Including HTC One M8

According to the announcements made, it is speculated that HTC will award its high-end devices or smartphones which includes HTC One M8 with Sense 7.0. HTC has been adding numerous new features to its Sense 7.0 which includes a Home Widget. This widget will directly detect your location and customize your Home Screen accordingly.

HTC-One-M9-renders---this-phone-is-on-fireThis is one of a kind feature and will upgrade Sense to another level. If for instance, you have a cluster of applications on your home screen which are categorized according to your needs, like work and home, then Sense 7.0 will automatically provide recommendations of applications according to your location. The recommended applications will also include the ones you don't have.

HTC Sense 7.0 Upgrade And Its Offerings!

Another feature from the Sense 7.0 program includes the ability to create your own theme. You can snap any random or specific picture and Sense 7.0 will make a theme of it. This is a pretty stunning feature and I'm sure a lot of us cant wait for it to scooch into our smartphones. Moreover, the wallpaper will be prompted automatically judging by the picture you chose to set. Along with this, color options are likewise displayed in accordance with the type and color of wallpaper you choose. Seriously, this is the next level to customize your home screen which not only you but the Sense 7.0 aids you in doing so.

htc sense 7Color options are provided differently for differnt types of applications including the BlinkFeed. If you think you've done an amazing job creating a one of a kind theme, then there's even an option to share your piece of art with others via multi-social media. Sense really does sense our surrounding considering locations as it tends to send you recommendations wherever you are, like lunch references based on your location. Sense recommendations are not domestically provided but it works in those areas where you haven't been, foreign for instance.

HTC Sense 7As said before, the Sense 7.0 will be coming to high-end smartphones as well has HTC One M8 later this year. This update will contribute a lot to the technology adopted by HTC. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to share and we'll get back to them shortly. As for now, stay with us for more news as it comes.

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