Xperia XA1 Gets a $50 Discount – Offers a Compelling Purchase to Consumers on a Budget


Looking for a budget-friendly smartphone to sate your everyday mobile computing needs? The Sony Xperia XA1 gets a decent discount, further adding to the value of your purchase. From the internals perspective, they are more than decent, and with the money you end up saving, you can actually reinvest in an add-on that will further amplify your smartphone experience.

Xperia XA1 Comes Rocking a 23MP Rear Camera Sensor and 3GB of RAM - 5-Inch IPS LCD Delivers Crisp Colors

With the $50 discount, the total price of the Xperia XA1 has been reduced to $249.00, marking a 17 percent discount. Keep in mind that at the time of writing, there were only 5 units remaining, so if you’re looking for a decent-sized smartphone that’s also touting a blend of impressive internals, you’ll definitely want to pick this up. The golden selling point of the phone is not its Helio P20 SoC or 3GB of RAM, but its 23MP rear camera sensor.

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While the images will come out extremely detailed, the sensor also features Hybrid Autofocus of 0.6 seconds, so it will only take a fraction of an actual second before the viewfinder is accurately able to home in on the subject that you’re attempting to capture. It has not been detailed if the phone will take advantage of optical image stabilization, but we strongly feel that the phone will be able to utilize the electronic image stabilization or EIS feature, which should alleviate camera shake to a small degree.

The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage, out of which 24GB will be available to the user. However, there is another slot available where the user can expand their existing storage up to a whopping 256GB via a microSD card. If 32GB of storage doesn’t sound plentiful to you, then you can purchase a microSD card with the money you just saved from this purchase.

We’ve managed to pick out a decent and affordable microSD card that will also maintain the performance of the device, so be sure to check it out before making your purchase.