Xperia E5 Is Official With An MT6735, And Huge Storage Expansion Flexibility

Xperia E5 Is Official With An MT6735, And Huge Storage Expansion Flexibility

After announcing its Xperia X family, Sony has announced its Xperia E5 handset, which caters to the lower smartphone market segments and it shows that the devices featuring low-end hardware can still provide you with quite a lot of features in an affordable package.

Xperia E5 Promises To Deliver A Two-Day Battery Life Plus A MicroSD Card Slot With A Storage Expansion That Goes Up To 200GB

Xperia E5 comes with a 5-inch 720p display and while that might not be the crispiest of displays that you have ever laid your eyes on, there are still advantages of running a lower resolution display on your smartphone and that is battery life. We believe that consumers will be looking forward to more battery life rather than ‘eye candy’ and the device’s MT6735 SoC will aid in that matter.

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The chipset features a quad-core processor setup with Cortex-A53 cores running at a speed of 1.3GHz. it might not be the most powerful quad-core mobile chip out there, but as long as the software is optimized, what more could you ask for right? One of the disappointing things about the smartphone definitely comes from the RAM side of things, because Xperia E5 features just 1.5GB RAM. Sony, we are in the year 2016, if you cannot incorporate more than 2GB of RAM inside your devices, then please do not bother with announcing such phones.

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However, it’s not like everything about the phone is bad. Sony has promised that the 2,700mAh cell will be able to deliver up to two whole days of battery life. We are not quite sure how a 2,700mAh battery capacity is going to deliver a whole 48 hours of completely functionality without powering off, but we reckon that Sony must have tweaked its UI to consume less power when the battery life is on the low side. Furthermore, there is even an LTE modem and NFC chip present inside, along with an option to run two SIM cards inside the smartphone, so you’re getting more features despite Xperia E5 belonging to the lower categories of phones.

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The rear shooter is a 13MP sensor while on the front side, you get to see a 5MP front camera sensor. One of the commendable things about the front camera is that it has its very own LED flash to improve selfie quality. Android Marshmallow is running right out of the box, and Xperia E5 will be available to purchase in the traditional black or while colors.


For this price of €199, do you guys think that the device is a decent purchase for Sony’s standards? Give your honest opinion in the comments below.

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