Xiaomi Reportedly Hires Executive To Complete Its Laptop Launching Plan


Earlier, we reported that Xiaomi had plans to penetrate the notebook market with its own laptop offering. Later on, it was confirmed thanks to the Chairman of Inventec, a notebook sporting the Xiaomi logo would most likely be sold during the second quarter of 2016. However, bringing a laptop to the market is not as easy as releasing a price/performance smartphone, at least for the Chinese handset giant. In order to make sure that its plans go accordingly, they have hired an executive who is quite well-versed with this particular market.

Xiaomi Hires Former Executive Who Was Previously Employed At Lenovo – Here Is Where Things Start To Get Really Interesting

According to a source, if Xiaomi does end up releasing a laptop, it will end up making Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker as the firm’s biggest rival. Another thing that Lenovo should be fearing is that Xiaomi has reportedly hired an individual who has been stated to previously belong to Lenovo. According to Lao Yao, who is the Secretary General of the China Smartphone Alliance, the employee is not just any individual who was hired by Lenovo, but is a Senior Official from Lenovo’s Laptop Business.

The source states that the upcoming laptop from Xiaomi is going to be running the company’s own custom MIUI interface, which is giving us an idea that the laptop is going to running Android. However, not too long ago, we reported a leak stating that the company was going to release two processor models, which will be none other than Intel’s 6th generation Skylake Core-i5 and Core-i7.

Since the processors will belong to Intel, it also means that the upcoming lineup of notebooks are also capable of running Windows, which we suspect will also be running on these laptops in the near future. However, we also suspect that they might be pricier compared to those that are running the company’s MIUI interface, but the platform is far more popular than any other operating system at this current time.

We also believe that thanks to the business model that Xiaomi religiously follows, laptop sales for the company are going to skyrocket, particularly when a laptop with the same hardware configuration is going to be much more affordable than its competition. Unfortunately, we have no pricing details on the upcoming laptop, but we will update you accordingly if we come across any leaks whatsoever. Do you guys feel that Xiaomi has a huge chance of penetrating the notebook market? Tell us your thoughts right away.