Xiaomi Mi5 Release Month Leaked – It is Much Sooner Than You Think


With a myriad number of Xiaomi Mi5 leaks flowing which revolve around the smartphone’s internals, we still did not have any knowledge as to when the device was going to be announced by the rising Chinese tech star. However, according to the latest leak, we will not have to wait any longer.

Xiaomi Mi5 Leaked To Be Announced At The End Of November – Which Chipset Are You Expecting?

According to a source originating from land of Beijing, Xiaomi Mi5 has been tipped to be announced during the end of November, and the best part about this announcement is that it is going to be held this year. While some consumers do believe that Xiaomi Mi5 is going to come sporting a Snapdragon 820 SoC, we still have our doubts, given the fact that the chipset is going to be found in devices during the start of 2015.

However, we did report that Xiaomi Mi5 was going to be released in two chipset variants; one was going to sport Snapdragon 810, while the other one was going to feature a Snapdragon 820. Obviously, the Snapdragon 810 version is going to be much cheaper, but by how much. Well, turns out that we had reported the pricing leak of Mi5, and it was stamped with a $399 tag. If the smartphone carrying this price tag happens to be the one running a Snapdragon 820, then OnePlus 2 will definitely have its work cut out for it.

Looks like we are going to have to wait for more details to come in. Additional specifications of Xiaomi Mi5 include 4GB of RAM, and a 5.2 inch screen that will render a resolution of 1440p. Another leak reported by us suggests that the device is going to sport a very attractive chassis coupled with a Type-C USB port. We also expect that a 16MP rear camera sensor is going to be present coupled with a 5MP front shooter.

Like all of its flagship smartphones, Xiaomi will once again refrain from incorporating a MicroSD card slot, so we should hope that the company begins to roll out a 128GB internal storage version in the near future. We are hoping that a Snapdragon 820 version will be shown to us during the end of November, otherwise there will be no point in waiting. We will nonetheless, keep you updated with the latest reports.

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