Xiaomi Mi MIX Finally Goes on Sale Sporting the Crisp White Color


After the black beauty that is the Mi MIX, Xiaomi has finally introduced the phablet-sized smartphone in a white colored model and it definitely looks stunning. Looking at the price tag of the phone, it will definitely cost you, but it’s probably going to be worth it, given its 91 percent screen-to-body ratio. However, keep in mind that because the surface of the phone is extremely scratch resistance, it brings out several weaknesses in the device.

Mi MIX in White Retails for Slightly Above the $500 Mark – Company Sold Other Items as Part of Its Flash Sale

The Xiaomi Mi MIX in white became a part of a flash sale that took place starting at 10 am local time. Both the black version and the white one were available to purchase in their completely spec’d out versions that featured 6GB of RAM coupled with 256GB of internal memory, which is definitely a mouthful even if you’re looking for an Android flagship.

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In addition to the Mi MIX, the Mi Note 2, Redmi 4, the Xiaomi VR headset and a Bluetooth speaker were present for customers to purchase. It was rumored that the white version of the Mi MIX was going to be unveiled at CES 2017, but it looks like the manufacturer kept its crown jewel for a later spotlight show.

Both versions of the smartphone are armed with a Snapdragon 821 SoC and though their rear cameras do not feature OIS, they still possess EIS which does a moderately decent job of reducing camera shake when you’re snapping images and videos. Be warned that the phone is extremely delicate and while the ceramic exterior is extremely scratch resistant, there is a trade-off for that: ceramic is extremely brittle.

Even a small drop will result in a crack on the phone, and the company has highly recommended that you wrap a case around the device to prevent irreparable damage being inflicted on the device. Do you think that Xiaomi should introduce the white version of Mi MIX to consumers in the US to purchase comfortably in the form of retail channels? Let us know your thoughts right away.