The Next Xbox One Update – Here’s What To Expect From It

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised to supplement it with periodic updates. In May the company also announced that it was going to separate Kinect from the popular console, leading to a $100 decrease in it's price. This lead to sales of the Xbox One being doubled in June, when compared to May, according to Microsoft. So true to its words, the company has revealed that starting from July 21st, the next update will start rolling out for the console. This is for those with early access of course.

Next Xbox One Update To Roll Out On July 21st - Result Of Feedback Received From Xbox Feedback

The next big update for the Xbox One will roll out in three days i.e. the 21st of July. These updates are improvements that the company has deemed necessary for the console based on the feedback which it has received from the 'Xbox Feedback' feature. This platform was launched by Microsoft in June and through it users could send feedback in the form of complaints and suggestions to the company. The previous update for the console increased the functionality of the controller's Xbox One button and added the feature to snap the achievements pane.

The upcoming update for the Xbox One is going to feature more on the social aspect of the console. The update will expand the activity feed on the Xbox One. The activity feed column will see a new single column interface which will feature more content and sharing options. This will end up creating a personal feed for every player's profile, with the option to 'like' their posts and so on. A new friends area will also be added on the home screen for select users which will show trending games and leader boards. This feature is being previewed for the time being. In addition, you will now be able purchase Xbox Live content for the Xbox One from SmartGlass or Notifications when controller batteries run low and 3D blu-ray playback are also being added to the Xbox One through this update.


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