Xbox Game Pass Is Getting “Close To Launch”; Alpha To End Soon

Xbox Game Pass

Back in February, Microsoft revealed a brand new subscription service called Xbox Game Pass, which will give players access to overt 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for the price of $9.99 a month. Testing started soon after the service has been announced, and it seems like things have gone smoothly, with a full launch likely coming soon.

A message in the Xbox Insider app on Xbox One confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass alpha testing will end next week, on April 28th. Additionally, the message mentions how things are getting close to launch.

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Thank you for participating in the Xbox Game Pass Alpha Preview. You feedback has been invaluable and will make the service better for all gamers...We're getting close to launch and Xbox Game Pass will be available for all gamers later this Spring.

Unlike the PlayStation Now service, the Xbox Game Pass will allow players to download games on their console, as well as enjoy a discount for all games in the catalog and related DLC.

One of the best things about Xbox Game Pass is that you can discover and download the full titles directly on your Xbox One. That means continuous, full-fidelity gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues. In addition, all Xbox One games in the catalog – and related add-ons – will be available to purchase at an exclusive discount for Xbox Game Pass members, so you can make the games you love part of your permanent library to play whenever you want. Every month new games will cycle into the subscription with some cycling out, giving you a constantly-updating library of games. Xbox Game Pass is your ticket to endless play.

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