Xbox One S Won’t Bring Performance Improvements, But It Will Feature 4K Upscaling


Yesterday, The Coalition's Rod Fergusson revealed that Gears of War 4, the next entry of the series launching later this year in all regions on Xbox One and PC, is going to enjoy an enhanced performance on the soon to be released Xbox One S. Unfortunately, it seems like it won't be the case.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox's Albert Penello denied that games will enjoy an improved performance on the Xbox One S, as the new hardware is designed to run games just as the original Xbox One does. All changes that have been made are to enable HDR.

"When we made changes to the box for 4K we unlocked a little bit more processing power to enable HDR. That's it. It's exactly the same architecture as the existing one. To support HDR, we give people access to a little more CPU and GPU. That's it. It is so insignificant it is mind boggling it is being picked up."

Still, it seems like there will be a reason to play games on an Xbox One S, as Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the console will upscale 1080p games to 4K.

"We'll upscale anything you have, games, other things that aren't 4K, we'll upscale them to 4K as well. We're taking advantage of a lot of the great benefits of technology that's happening today, whether it's gaming or video, and at the same time reducing the size of the box as well."

The Xbox One S console launches this August in all regions.