WRIO Keyboard For iPhone Lets You Type 70% Faster Than Others

If speed is what you need, then WRIO Keyboard should be on your iPhone. The third-party keyboard app claims to help you type up to 70% faster than other keyboards out there.

WRIO Keyboard Works Without Standard Rules And Layout To Offer Blistering Fast Speed

Ever since Apple opened up the third-party keyboard API to iOS developers, we saw an influx of keyboard apps all unique in their own special way. And while many of them claim to offer speed improvements over the stock keyboard, but almost all followed an already-set lines of rules and layout when it came to general usability. But WRIO Keyboard takes things up a notch with a brand new formula that's purely focused on speed and accuracy which makes it the ideal keyboard for binge typing.

From the App Store:

WRIO Keyboard for iPhone for fast and error free typing helps you get rid of typos and write messages in lightning speed. WRIO is the only keyboard that is designed to provide an optimal typing experience on touch devices. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use, and after a couple of messages you’ll love it. With WRIO, you write it once.


Apart from the speed credentials of the keyboard, users can expect a handful of gestures as well while typing. For instance, swiping up on the keyboard will initiate a capital letter, swiping left will delete and swiping right will restore. If you're asking us, this feature alone is enough for us to hit that download button.

Since WRIO Keyboard is packed with a handful of great features, therefore users should expect a price tag to be attached with the entire package. And lucky for us, we can download WRIO Keyboard for a discount of 40% for a limited period of time - that's $2.99 asking price on the App Store in case you're wondering.

Though WRIO Keyboard is a brilliant little offering when it comes to speed but one should keep in mind that the layout is something you need to get used to. This means you should be ready to give up the usual keyboard layout on your smartphone for something absolutely brand new, which will obviously, require some effort from your end as well. If you're absolutely fine with that then head over to this link and download WRIO Keyboard on your iPhone.

If you did download WRIO Keyboard on your iPhone, then be sure to share your thoughts about it with us in the comments section below.

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