Windows 10 Spies on Children, Sends Unwarranted Activity Reports – Users Unhappy

Aug 27, 2015

You might be taking Windows 10 as a nightmare to your privacy but it's proving to be more invasive to children. Windows 10 sends a weekly "activity update" to parents carrying all the details of children's internet browsing and computer history. While this may seem like a feature based on goodwill, all of this happens without any warning to parents or kids making it possibly one of the most damaging features especially to the privacy of children.

From benign embarrassment to outright life-threatening, several Windows 10 users have taken to Twitter to share their dismay at the strategy. This is no extrapolation as some have pointed out these kinds of reports, that arrive to a parent's mailbox without consent or a warning to the kids, could get them into serious trouble. The LGBT community has voiced concerns about how these reports could accidentally out younger LGBT people putting them at a risk of abuse and cutting their support system.