Win32 Apps Will One Be Able To Run On A Continuum Powered Mobile Device


It might appear that Microsoft has not given any thought to Windows 10 Mobile, but the fact that you will one day be able to run Win32 desktop apps on it sounds like an amazing advancement from this platform.


If You Have A Continuum Powered Device, You Will One Day Be Able To Run Win32 Apps On It

According to Microsoft's Kevin Gallo, it is highly possible that users will one day be able to run Win32 desktop apps on their mobile device. The only thing that they will have to work with is connecting the Windows 10 smartphone to a large monitor or screen via Continuum. According to Gallo, it is a very high possibility, which is why the company is looking into such a process.

Let us refresh your memory for a bit. Continuum, is a Windows 10 Mobile's exclusive feature; this feature allows you to connect your Windows 10 phone, which can be done either wirelessly or via the Continuum Display Dock (sold separately), to a larger screen and just let it run like a PC. If Win32 desktop apps are actually able to become a reality by running like this, it would present a very long list of benefits. Let us hope that Microsoft finally starts taking things seriously with Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10

Gallo has currently kept us in limbo, because there is absolutely no explanation as to how this works, other than the mere existence of speculation. We have a theory that Microsoft could choose to bring some of the code that allows legacy programs to function on Windows 10 over to its mobile OS. Since Microsoft continued to state that Windows 10 was developed to bring all levels of computing together through a single binding interface, a similar base code powering them could seem like a reality that is highly achievable in the distant future.


However, while it is highly possible that Win32 apps start running through Continuum, it is the company’s long strides of efforts that are going to determine these possibilities. Somehow, we feel that Microsoft is too engaged on the hardware side of things to give significant attention to Windows 10, and that is highly disappointing given that the company’s core business is software.

We sincerely hope that the Win32 apps are able to run in this fashion, and we will keep you updated on further advancements.