WhoApp Delivers Unknown Caller Information To You – Absolutely Free

WhoApp Delivers Unknown Caller Information To You – Absolutely Free

Previously, looking up the information of someone who called you was a daunting task, but thanks to a new application called WhoApp, all that information will be at your fingertips, and best of all, the info that you receive is not going to deduct a single dime from your bank balance.

WhoApp Will Make Unknown Callers’ Information Available To You Without Charging You A Penny – Here Is How It Will Work

WhoApp has been created by developer TelTech, and it promises to recognize calls from different sources that are aiming to make a quick buck at your expense. This will include individuals such as telemarketers, wrong numbers, and potential scammers by returning information ranging from the unknown dialer’s name, picture, address, and even a Google Street View image of their current location.

How Will The App Function?

WhoApp is going to function through a two-step process. When users receive an undesirable call from an individual whose contact details have not been stored in their iPhone, all they have to do is hit the decline button to send the call to WhoApp. Afterwards, the app dials back the number to your phone with all of WhoApp’s promised data points, allowing you to make a more sensible decision to pick up the call or just to dismiss the individual who is trying to take advantage of you.


According to Meir Cohen, WhoApp’s CEO, the following statement has been given on how the application will provide a sigh of relief for everyone.

“For nearly a decade, we have focused on building innovative privacy and security apps that help people take control of their phones, and WhoApp will be another game-changer for iPhone users constantly wondering, ‘Should I take that call?’” “Turning caller ID into a name, face, and even a person’s front lawn was never before possible, and will change the way we use our iPhones.”


TelTech’s proficiency lies with making such applications, with TrapCall being their last offering. Apart from delivering crucial details of the person calling you, WhoApp also stacks up with several features, which includes having its own phone dialing pad that lets users look up information on a phone number to find more information about someone before hitting the dial button. According to the brains behind the application, TelTech states that the app features self-learning algorithms that allow WhoApp to learn and grow with each incoming and outgoing call.

Through this learning process, WhoApp will efficiently be able to tell when a genuine person is attempting to reach you and when a scammer is trying to make a quick buck off of you. The download link of WhoApp has been given directly below and we want you to tell us what you thought about this application right away.

Download link for WhoApp (only compatible with iPhones)

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