WhatsApp Video Calls Are Going Live for Android Users

WhatsApp video Calls

Great news for WhatsApp users - video calls are slowly and gradually going live for everyone. The feature is available for Android users only right now.

Latest App Beta Brings WhatsApp Video Calls to Users - Give it a Shot Today

WhatsApp video calls have been under testing for quite some time. But today, the IM giant is taking things further by rolling out the feature on a wider scale starting with Android users.

If you have the latest beta build of WhatsApp installed on your Android device then you'll realize you can initiate a video call. There is a chance you might not see the WhatsApp video calling feature immediately. If you don't, simply wipe off the app's data and sign back in again. This trick seemed to have worked for a lot of users out there.

Given the video calling feature has been enabled for you, initiating a call is easy. Pull up the contact you wish to make a video call with and then tap on the video call icon. There is a high probability the person on the other end does not support video calling on WhatsApp just yet, if that is the case WhatsApp will notify you if the other person needs to update their app.

If you want to get up and running right now, then head over to this link to grab the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android. But before you go ahead with the installation, please realize the fact that you are installing beta software on your device. There is a chance you'll stumble upon a few bugs around corners during usage.

At this point in time there's no telling when the feature will make it onto other platforms such as iOS or Windows 10 Mobile. Whenever it does though, we will inform our readers about it.

Wrap Up

It wasn't long ago when WhatsApp enabled voice calling feature for everyone. The feature was welcomed by users is it allowed them to initiate free calls over WiFi or cellular data. But of course, cellular usage cost did apply if you do not have an unlimited plan at hand. Now though, WhatsApp is taking things forward with introduction of video calls, allowing everyone to chat face to face without resorting to other services to achieve the same.

But will WhatsApp succeed in grabbing the attention of users with the newfound feature? Only time can tell as it is rolled out for more users around the globe.


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