WhatsApp Beta For Android Reveals Video Calling Feature Is On Its Way

Many of us have turned WhatsApp into a go-to service when it comes to instant messaging or initiating plain voice calls over an Internet connection. But all of that could change in the future as the latest WhatsApp for Android beta has revealed that video calling is well on its way.

WhatsApp Video Calling Is On Its Way, According To Latest Beta Build

WhatsApp 2.16.80 beta for Android includes a few placeholders, setting the stage for video calling in the near future (hopefully). But it should be kept in mind that while the latest WhatsApp beta does set the stage for video calling, but if you have the build installed right now, then you won't be able to initiate an end-to-end video call, with the client throwing back an error at users when done so.


Also, WhatsApp was swift enough to release an even newer version of its beta client for users to test out, with the new build removing all video calling placeholders and traces altogether. This does not mean that WhatsApp has entirely given up on its plans in a fortnight. It's just that the company is testing said feature in the background until a larger rollout happens later on. When will that rollout happen you ask? We have absolutely no clue.

There's also a chance that the video calling feature might be limited initially to Android users, with iOS users seeing a rollout at a later date. But given the mobile competition at this current point in time, there's also a possibility that we might see a launch on all platforms concurrently. Let's just hope that is the case.

Video calling on WhatsApp would be a huge leap for the service, as there are currently millions of users around the globe who make use of it. And with cross-platform credentials like no other, there's a high chance that video calling might actually become a mainstream feature as we move into the future. Though Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) tried its hand at video calling via Messenger on mobile, but clearly people aren't ready to embrace it wholeheartedly. There's a chance WhatsApp might actually end up changing the company's fortune once and for all.

What do you think? Do you believe WhatsApp video calling will end up being as popular as the service's audio and IM service itself? Be sure to drop your thoughts regarding it in the comments section below.


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