Good News – You Can Now Quick Reply To WhatsApp Messages On Your iPhone

One of the benefits of Cydia and jailbreaking your iOS device, as much as folks over at Apple hate it, is getting nearly countless customizations on your device. From completely changing the interface of your device, to adding features not possible with stock iOS, jailbreaking offers many easy to go solutions for users all around. And today, we have just that in store for you. Quick Reply is one of iOS' coolest features, allowing users to respond to text messages on the go, without unlocking their devices. Well, if you've jailbroken your device, and are looking for Quick Reply for WhatsApp, you're in luck after the break.

Use WAQuick Reply To Respond To WhatsApp Messages From Lock Screen Or Notification Banner

Now, thanks to a tweak called WAQuick, you'll be able to respond to WhatsApp Messages directly from lock screen or notification banner. You'll also be able to do this completely, or nearly bug free so WAQuick Reply should add for a good replying experience. Of course keep in mind that to make WAQuick Reply work, you're going to need to purchase its license from the tweak's preference panel in the Settings menu.

This costs $2.99, which should be reasonable enough for anyone used to installing tweaks on their device regularly. And after you're finished, you'll be able tor respond to WhatsApp messages without the hassle of unlocking your device. This works even when the app is not loaded in the background, so you're covered in nearly every aspect. Of course, Quick Reply to messaging apps is one other feature that is expected in Apple's iOS 9, so if you're not much into the whole jailbreak scene, then you could simply wait for the update. Or, if you can't wait, then download and install iOS 9's public beta, which has been live for quite a while. So have your pick, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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