WhatsApp Messenger Arrives on Apple CarPlay with Latest Update to iPhone App


The latest update to WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone adds CarPlay support, allowing you to access your chats when you're in the car.

WhatsApp Messenger is Now Available for CarPlay Devices.

If you have a compatible infotainment system in your car, you can mirror your iPhone on the display using CarPlay. It allows you to view maps, messages, music and even interact with Siri all hands-free. But sadly, while all this sounds good and all, the list of apps compatible with CarPlay is extremely sparse. Nonetheless, it's taking baby steps as we speak, and WhatsApp Messenger has joined the CarPlay party.

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Spotted by Dutch blog iCulture, the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger, 2.18.2, adds CarPlay support. This allows you to check out your conversations while driving and have them read out to you by Siri if you so like. But that's not all, you can compose messages too if you like. Just connect your iPhone to your CarPlay system and you'll immediately see the new icon on the display, provided you have the latest update installed, which you can grab from here.

If you do not have a CarPlay system in your vehicle, then this new update to WhatsApp won't mean anything at all to you, until or unless you are planning to upgrade your car in the near future. Still, this doesn't mean that you do not update the app from the App Store at this point, since it introduces certain bug fixes too, which are quite important when it comes to day to day use in an app.

CarPlay was introduced back in 2014 with the release of iOS 7.1. It is Apple's first ever foray when it comes to taking over the car entertainment space, and things have been growing quite slowly since its inception. Will it finally take over every single vehicle in the near future? We can't say for sure. Maybe the addition of apps will change things a bit in the near future.

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