WhatsApp GIF Support Is Finally Coming, But May Not Be As Good 


If you look at some of the popular IM apps on the market, most of them supports some sort of GIF integration. However, WhatsApp GIF support is nowhere to be seen. While WhatsApp may be the most used internet messaging app, it still makes use of the static still images. However, this is about to change soon. According to the latest WhatsApp beta release for iOS, we have sensed some changes that could allow users to play with GIFs in their conversations.

WhatsApp GIF Support Might Arrive Sooner Than You Think

As noted by @WABetaInfo, that tracks any kind of changes made in the WhatsApp beta updates, suggests the app will now autoplay GIF links which will be embedded in the conversations. To be sure, we are talking about the WhatsApp version that carries extensions to send GIFs. This is an important feature that users have been demanding for quite a while now.

However, one thing to note here is that WhatsApp might still lack behind other apps like Facebook Messenger that gives us the ability to search for GIFs right from within the app. Nonetheless, we still wouldn't have to open the browser every time someone sends a GIF. Moreover, we will probably see a full fledged version of such GIF integration in the future updates.

Another important aspect of the WhatsApp beta build has also been discovered. Interestingly, we will also be able to save the GIF file as a plain simple image. Nonetheless, saving a simple image instead of the complete animation would automatically take back the true purpose of using a GIF on the first hand. Probably it's designed this way to save some extra space.

It all narrows down to the fact that we are getting GIF integration in WhatsApp but not as good as other GIF integration on the market. Let's just be glad that the company took the long overdue step towards the right direction. At this point in time, we would definitely recommend you to use GIFs in the Messenger app that features a complete list of various categories.

Probably, WhatsApp still has a long way to go before it competes face to face with other IM apps in terms of GIFs. As for now, we will update you guys as soon as we hear more details on the subject. WhatsApp GIF integration is in its beta phase, so it might arrive soon.