WhatsApp Could Stop Working On Older iPhone And Android Phones Starting Tonight


If you're the one with an aged old smartphone or you're someone who never really needed an upgrade, then today's news might interest you. When the clock strikes midnight, users might find themselves no longer able to use WhatsApp. The immensely popular internet messaging application is making older smartphones redundant. If you use the application on an older iPhone or Android smartphone, chances are it might stop working after today. Let's see some more details on what devices are part of WhatsApp's program.

WhatsApp To End Support  On Older iPhone And Android Smartphones

With the passage of time, advances in technology have marked the app a little too advanced. This means that if users want to keep using the service, they will be forced to upgrade to a comparatively newer handset that does support the messaging app. Earlier this month, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced that it will forego support for a range of older operating systems by the end of the year. While the year has already passed, the final impacts of the company's decision are closing in.

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WhatsApp is well ahead of its competition with over a billion active users around the world. The changes are expected to affect millions of WhatsApp users around the world. Other than older Android smartphones, the change also  includes the iPhone 3GS and the Windows Phone 7. So if you're someone with an older handset that's about to lose  support for WhatsApp, now might be a good time to look for an Android handset or an iPhone that does support the app.

WhatsApp is one of the oldest IM apps on the market. Even though it has a lot of competitors at its disposal, the service has continued to be a priority for users. Google's Allo was launched last year, boasting unique features and more, but it too failed to snatch away user base from WhatsApp to some extent. Apple's iMessage platform was also revamped with iOS 10, boasting a complete design overhaul and a dedicated App Store, however, the service is not cross platform so it is available to a limited audience.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp has made its decision to stop support for its service on older smartphones. In addition to this, WhatsApp also stated that it will be ending its support for older Windows, iPhones and Android handsets by January. Moreover, the service is also said to end support for Nokia and Blackberry models by mid-2017.

This is  it for now, folks.  What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have an older smartphone that is  about to lose support for the popular messaging service? Share your thoughts in the comments.