Weekly Shorts – Spying Clients, Carrizo’s Stacked DRAM, Crytek’s Woes, Amazing Sand and More

We are back with the second installment of WCCF's Weekly Shorts. The rules are simple, of the many articles we post, we shortlist not more than 7 entries and summarize them in not more than 5 lines. The previous episode of the WCCF's Weekly Shorts can be found here.weekly shorts main image

Weekly Shorts - Peeping EA, AMD Carrizo, PS4's 60FPS Optimization, Benefits of Sand, Anti-Theft Protection Debunked and the GM200 Core

1. EA is Spying on You by File Snooping with the Origin Client – Official Investigation Begins

Origin is one of the biggest gaming clients out there and it turns out that it does more than just let you play EA Games. In this report we take a look at what some dedicated gamers have uncovered. Basically the Origin Client is also an accomplished file snooper and is actively spying o your usage habits. Origin Reps have stated that they have begun an official investigation. Read More about Origin's File Snooping.

2. This is How PlayStation Optimization Team, SN Systems, is Pushing for 60FPS on PS4

SN Systems is the team behind the curtains over at Sony. This particular team is tasked with optimizing PS4 for the 1080p 60fps standard and they give us a peak on how they achieve just that. This includes Razor CPU and GPU Profiler, PC Sampling and Linker Optimizations among other things. Read More about the Detailed PS4 Optimization Process.

3. NVIDIA’s Flagship GeForce Maxwell GM200 GPU Spotted – Won’t Be Ready For Consumers Till Next Year

Now we discovered the GM200 Load-board way back and knew that the GM200 chip was incoming. The Flagship Maxwell GM200 core is allegedly the same core that will be housed inside the Titan II and is supposed to be the fastest Maxwell core of the generation. Read More about the GM200 Spotting.

4. Apparently Sand Can Triple the Battery Life of Smartphones and other Electronics!

Sand is awesome. You melt sand down and you can turn it into a processor (that's right, the CPU in your Desktop is technically created from molten sand) and apparently you can also use it to triple the capacity and lifespan of Lithium Ion batteries. These are the same batteries that are present in Smartphones, electronics and some electric cars. Read More about how Sand can Triple Battery Life.

5. [Rumor] Sony Interesed in Buying Ryse: Son of Rome Developer Crytek

There have been countless reports of Crytek being in big financial trouble and its employees unpaid and quitting. And word around the mill is that Sony is interested in buying out Crytek, since it has pretty big pockets and the company is the cornerstone of Next Generation Graphics. Read More about Sony Buying Out Crytek.

6. [Rumor] AMD Carrizo APU on the 28nm Node Will Have Stacked DRAM On Package – Alleges Italian Leak

Carrizo APU is AMD's upcoming successor and the rumor mill is claiming that it will ship with stacked DRAM or HBM. The leak is unauthenticated and comes from an Italian Site so this is tagged as a rumor. However APUs benefit from good memory insanely and if this is true, we will see amazing results even while staying on the 28nm Node. Read More about the Carrizo Leak.

7. New Service Now Allows To Bypass Apple’s Anti-Theft Activation Lock Feature

Apple's iPhones have one of the strongest built-in security features around today. More notably the Find My iPhone and Anti Theft Lock Protection feature. However there is a new service out there which allows users to 'bypass' the Anti-Theft Lock feature. However the company does say that they will not unlock any phone in 'Lost Mode' to make sure no truly stolen iPhone gets unlocked. Read More about the Bypass Service.

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