Build 14 Websites and Become an Expert Web Developer for Just $14

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Want to gear start your career in the fast-paced technology industry? You cannot start at a better place than to learn web development from the experts. Who says you have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn to build beautifully designed websites. Want to build yourself a website or become a professional web developer? Sign up for the complete web developer course, for just $14 from Wccftech Deals.

Unlike others you won't be simply reading tons of text and doing nothing. The Complete Web Developer Course will teach you all the required skills and then help you build 14 websites. Ready to jump in and start creating your own websites? Following are the details of what's included in this web developer course.

The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites

Want to be a full-fledged, employable coder? Dive into this comprehensive course on all things coding, complete with hundreds of lectures on must-know web technologies and techniques. You'll master important tools and languages, including use of HTML, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, and more--transforming into a rockstar developer any startup would be crazy to pass over.

  • Gain a comprehensive coding skill set w/ over 236 lectures & 28 hours of content
  • Master important web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.
  • Build responsive websites using advanced techniques: iQuery, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, etc.
  • Use WordPress to develop blogs, e-commerce sites, etc.
  • Integrate APIs to connect to Google Maps, Facebook & other sites
  • Consolidate your knowledge w/ hands-on projects

Course outline:

complete web developer course

Original price: $199 - Wccftech Deals: $14

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