Wccftech Site Upgrade – How do you like it?

Hey peeps, so you might have noticed that Wccftech has undergone some not-so-subtle changes in the past few hours. The reason behind these upgrades was to make the site more accessible and multi-platform friendly. The biggest thing you will notice is that the homepage now behaves very differently. That's because we have decided to combine news, articles and reviews in one information stream. This will allow us to differentiate between News, Articles and Reviews via colored tags, allowing us to better utilize our space.

WCCF 1.1 Launch - How do you like it? We want to know

Similarly the post structure is a wee bit different and pagination is now supported. In the coming few days there might be some more adjustments and tweaks but the major jump is over. Oh, and we shifted the font to the Google Fonts API as well. This is because our previous in-house font did not render correctly on mobile devices. We are trying to streamline and synchronize the WCCF-experience on not just PCs but on Apple and Mobile devices too (we haven't forgotten Linux either). Another important thing that I should mention is that we have shifted to Infinite Scroll now. The front page will keep on loading new news constantly as you scroll down. Also the overall smoothness and seamlessness in user experience should improve.

WCCF's real power is its readership and if you guys don't like it, we will go against the new standards to make sure you get what you want. We really want to know how you guys like the upgrades, or not-like them for that matter. For this, please take a few minutes and drop us your feedback via email at saad@wccftech.com or in the comment section below.

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