Wccftech Community Bench-a-Thon Results

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Official Community Bench-a-Thon Results

With a week gone by, and submissions coming to a screeching halt, it seems to be the right time to provide everyone with the results. The first Official Wccftech Community: 3DMark Time Spy Bench-a-Thon seems to have worked out quite well with just around 150 unique submissions making it onto the spreadsheet. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Thank you Wccftech users Arkeo The Editor and N7SE for helping with adding/sorting the results properly.

Official Community Bench-a-Thon Results

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Prior to moving forward with the results, let's address the elephant in the room. I’d like to just remind everyone that this 3DMark Time Spy is a synthetic benchmark.  It is not exactly an accurate representation of real-world gaming experience, however, it is one of the first DX12  benchmarks. Specifically one that can act as a controlled environment for gauging raw GPU performance.  It will most definitely be used by reviewers and marketers going forward, likely for years to come (as Firestrike did for DX11). As a result, we the consumers will need to learn to love it.  Despite the controversy, (which was recently addressed by Futuremark), the benchmark itself works as intended and GPU horsepower is being properly measured.

GPU-Open Source Results


As it is/was my intention to keep this a community event, I’ve decided NOT to fill this article with graphs, trends or conclusions. Rather, I’ll let the community do that. The data is there so let your creativity flow. Do your best think up some of the most basic and/or unique comparisons and correlations. Surely, our wonderful community is capable of dreaming up some great graphs. I imagine they will be quite interesting.

The Wccftech Community – A Motley Crew


The Wccftech Community is not only an incredible mix of enthusiasts from across the globe, but is home to a vast array of rather unique hardware. Ranging from Extremely high end, to the most moderate low-end setups, the Wccftech Community Bench-a-Thon demonstrated just how diverse the gaming PC actually is. But this is really no surprise. The PC offers flexibility based on needs, manufacturer preference, budget, upgrade paths, and much more. It is one of the things that helps make PC, specifically as a tool for gaming, the most powerful, cost effective, longest lasting, solutions on earth.

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LINK TO THE SPREADSHEET: Here it is… the link.  This is where you can extract data from.


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Now, let’s get down to it. The database of submissions is housed on a Google Spreadsheet for everyone to see.  This is the sheet you can compile data from.  The spreadsheet is also broken it up into screenshots for your super-easy, lazy, viewing pleasure. The list is broken up into SINGLE and MULTI GPU systems.  All relevant submission links can be checked via the spreadsheet.  The highest performing GPUs that received 3 or more submissions (of the same GPU) have been also been singled out and added to the Wccftech Community - 3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12 Bench-a-Thon: MVPs section.


Going Forward

With the recent release of the 1060, and the soon to be released Titan X as well as some of the much anticipated AIB RX 480s (beautiful Nitro), I do intend on adding submissions as they come. So please feel free to post them to the original article. As for the next Bench-a-Thon, please let me know which game/synthetic you’d like to see.  Keep in mind, the game should have a built-in benchmark. We need a controlled environment therefore can be properly benchmarked by all.

The Dénouement

I’d love to do more of these Community-based Bench-a-Thons.  Hopefully around August, I have in mind Deus Ex (if it has a built-in benchmark). Please feel free to make suggestions.  Please feel free to reply with your suggestions for the next, be it a game, benchmark and/or changes to the methods used to create the database.  Again, feel free to reply to me with moar of your Time Spy links.

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