Wccftech Brings You A Pay What You Want Deal On The 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-book Bundle – Limited Time Offer


Wccftech is offering a Pay What You Want deal on the 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-book Bundle. The bundle’s real value is $315 but you can get the bundle for a lot less! The process to avail this is very simple. Just pay what you want and if what you pay, is less than the average price, you get the opportunity to take something great home. If what you have paid is greater than the average price, then you will get the entire bundle! If you beat the Leader’s price, then you will also be featured on the leaderboard and you will get entered in an amazing giveaway.

2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle features

Here are highlights of what the deal has to offer:

  • Learning C for Arduino - The Ultimate Guide for Programming Arduino with C
  • Arduino for Secret Agents - Build a Range of Espionage Projects with This Practical Guide for Hackers
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook - More Than 60 Recipes to Help You Build Smart IoT Solutions
  • Arduino by Example - Master the Arduino Platform By Getting Your Hands Dirty Designing & Building Real Projects
  • Arduino Electronics Blueprints - Make Common Electronic Devices Interact with an Arduino Board to Build Amazing Out-of-the-Box Projects
  • Arduino Development Cookbook - Access Over 50 Hands-On Recipes to Quickly Build & Understand Arduino Projects
  • Arduino Robotic Projects - Tap Into the Power of Arduino to Build Complex Robots
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints - Develop Interactive, Arduino-Based Internet Projects with Ethernet & WiFi
  • Arduino Wearable Projects - Design, Code & Build Exciting Wearable Projects Using Arduino Tools
  • Arduino Computer Vision Programming - Design & Develop Real-World Computer Vision Applications

The content is brought to you by Packt Publishing. The company aims to deliver effective ways of learning and information services to IT professionals. The company has so far published over 4000 books and videos. You can get access to the amazing bundle but you should hurry up. The deal is available for a limited time only and it will expire soon.

Original Value 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-book Bundle: $315
Wccftech Discount Value 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-book Bundle: PAY WHAT YOU WANT