You Can Download WatchOS 3 Final Version on September 13th


Official watchOS 3 final release date has been revealed by Apple. You can download the new Apple Watch software on September 13th.

WatchOS 3 for Apple Watch Devices Will Be Available to Download on September 13th

In terms of features, it’s rather surprising how far the Apple Watch has come. Apple plans to take things further in the wearable department with the release of watchOS 3 that is bound for final release on the 13th of September. But today, however, if you’re a registered developer, you can grab hold of the GM build and install it right away on your Apple Watch. And since it’s a GM release, therefore you can expect everyday-usage stability from it.

But, in the past, there have been instances where Apple had to release a second GM build to developers as well. This implies that a show-stopping bug was discovered by Apple’s development team, and a new GM build was necessary to rectify the issue. But don’t worry, the chances of that happening are actually pretty low and you can count on the fact that watchOS 3 final will release on the given date.

Also, it should be kept in mind that watchOS 3 will only be available as an over the air download. Lastly, once you’ve updated to watchOS 3, beta or non-beta, there’s no way you can go back to watchOS 2. But, you can revert back to the final release of watchOS 2 if you have watchOS 3 beta installed on your Apple Watch, given you’re willing to go to an Apple Store in order to do it. But quite frankly, considering all the features watchOS 3 brings to the fore, why do you want to downgrade to watchOS 2? We’re sure you get what we are trying to say here.

Wrap Up

The watchOS 3 GM candidate will be released right after the event and we will inform our readers about it, so stay tuned to our coverage. Also, keep in mind the GM build will be available for registered developers only, while the final build will be available to users on 13th of September.

At this point in time, if you’re a non-developer, simply put a red circle on the date and prepare your Apple Watch for the big update. We’re sure you are every bit as excited as we are at this point in time.

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