watchOS 3 Beta 2 Released – Here’s How You Can Update

watchOS 3 beta 2

watchOS 3 beta 2 has been released. The newly published update is available for all Apple Watch users enrolled in the Developer Program.

watchOS 3 Beta 2 Refines Features Available In First Beta

Assuming you have watchOS 3 beta 1 already installed on your Apple Watch, simply launch the Watch app on your iPhone first. Navigate to General > Software Update and tap on 'Download and Install' to get watchOS 3 beta 2. The installation process will require your Apple Watch to be placed on its charger so make sure you have that on standby already.

The installation process will take quite a while therefore do not panic if you think things are moving way too slowly. Besides, everything is happening over Bluetooth, therefore the speed bottleneck is definitely going to be there.

Once the installation is complete you'll boot straight into watchOS 3 beta 2. There is a chance Apple might have thrown in a bunch of new surprises into this release. If that's the case we will update this article accordingly highlighting the new changes.

Fresh Installing watchOS 3 Beta

Installing watchOS 3 beta is a walk in the park. First and foremost you need to have an iPhone at hand that is running iOS 10 beta. Once that is out of the way, open the Apple Developer Program from your iPhone and download the watchOS 3 beta configuration profile. After a few seconds you'll see the watchOS 3 beta update pop right up for your Apple Watch.

It should be noted here that you cannot downgrade from watchOS 3 beta to watchOS 2. Once you've made the big and bold jump there's no turning back. But, taking a trip down to an Apple Store might be your best bet. Do keep in mind they will take a few days to downgrade your device. Still, we recommend making a thorough decision first then go ahead with the upgrade.

You can always install watchOS 3 beta 2 without a developer account, although we will not recommend it for obvious reasons.

Wrap Up

watchOS 3 is a mighty solid upgrade for the Apple Watch. In terms of speed, app launches happen in a snap. There are a handful of new features littered in many corners, ensuring users get the best there is from a device of this nature. But it remains to be seen whether or not watchOS 3 alone will be enough to persuade customers into actually buying the Apple Watch. After all, a wearable device is not everyone's cup of tea and chances are hanging on a thread whether we will see a big uptake in this market in the years to come.

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