watchOS 2 Won’t Be Released Today Due To Critical Bug


Sad news for those who were hoping to get their hands on the final build of watchOS 2 today, as Apple has stumbled upon a last minute critical bug and has opted to not release the software just yet.

watchOS 2

According to a statement given out to TechCrunch, Apple says:

“We have discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” an Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly.”

If you've been direly waiting for the watchOS 2 update to arrive today, then you will be left disappointed. But on the bright side of things, users can now expect an extremely refined experience when Apple does plan to release its new Apple Watch firmware to the masses.

At its 'Hey Siri' event on the 9th of this month, Apple made a good song and dance of the fact that watchOS 2 will be released alongside its mobile operating system, iOS 9. But given how Cupertino has hit the brakes and stopped the firmware from rolling out today, it's a good thing in our books that the company wants to give users the best experience there is on the Apple Watch rather than a crippled one.

watchOS 2 is a massive release if you compare it directly to the first-gen iteration. Coming packed with a bunch of awesome new features such as native apps and new watch faces, Apple went all-out when it comes to its wearable firmware, proving that its new-found product category has a lot of life in it and there's no way Cupertino is going to stop just yet.

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On the other hand, iOS 9 will be rolled out to compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices today and we highly recommend users go ahead and prepare their gadgets for the big update. If you've been planning on updating all your iOS devices to the latest firmware from Cupertino, then be sure to check out the time at which it would be rolled out in your country / region: Here’s When You Can Download iOS 9 Today – Chart.

Are you disappointed that Apple has halted the release of watchOS 2 for the time being? Or do you believe the company did the right thing? Do let us know in the comments section below.