Watch_Dogs 2 New Trailer Leaks Online, Showcases Game’s Setting

Francesco De Meo
Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs 2 is just one of the many high profile titles that will be fully unveiled in the next few days, but we have already managed to learn more about the second entry of the series created by Ubisoft thank to leaks. And the leaks are not over yet, as a new trailer has managed to surface online before the official reveal.

The new Watch_Dogs 2 trailer has surfaced online thanks to Twitch, which showed it as an ad. The trailer is around 30 seconds long and focuses mostly on the game's setting and tone. The tone seems to be different from the original's, which is a welcome breath of fresh air for those who didn't like the serious tone of the first Watch_Dogs. You can check out the leaked trailer by going here.

Yesterday, more Watch_Dogs 2 details have come in thanks to another leak from IGN. The leaked promotional image confirmed that the game will be released on November 15th and that it will feature a brand new setting, the city of San Francisco, and a new main character in place of the original's main character Aiden Pearce.

The fact that Watch_Dogs 2 will feature a brand new protagonist is not exactly new. One month ago, actor Cort King posted an image of the Watch_Dogs 2 main character, image that has been promptly removed a few hours later. Nothing is known about the character, but we will surely learn more about him and the new fictional version of San Francisco very soon.

Watch_Dogs 2 will launch this November in all regions on yet to be confirmed formats. The game's premier trailer will be made available later today, so stay tuned for all the latest news on Ubisoft's upcoming open world game.

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