Want To Watch Germany Vs Argentina For Free? Here’s How You Can Do It Without Any Hassles

It's Germany vs Argentina people. The one we've all been waiting for. In little less than two hours we'll know who's the greatest on the stage of World Soccer. Will it be Joachim Löw's men who'll prevail on world's biggest stage or will Lionel Messi earn a place with Maradona himself in the annals of history? Whoever it will be, this tournament sure has had it's ups and downs. Even though it was an early exit for the USA, but Tim Howard did win all of our hearts with his heroics against Belgium. He really should be given a serious shot at the top defense position in our opinion. We're looking at you, Chuck Hagel. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure folks, history will be made tonight either way.

Taking a  look at history, 14 years back it was Germany who had triumphed over Argentina in the World Final. But that was revenge for defeat of course, since only 4 years back it was Argentina who had prevailed. So to make sure you do not miss tonight's historic occasion, we've made a list of the ways you can watch this clash of the giants online. And that too for free. Thank us later.

We know on whose side we're on.

Germany Vs. Argentina Live Free.

So, want to head down the road free of cost? Well worry not, there's a very easy way to do that. IT involves UnoTelly, a service which tricks official Germany vs Argentina live streams into thinking that you belong to the UK or any other country where the streaming is for free. To get started, first of all you need to sign up for UnoTelly, and make an account. To do that, click here. For the world cup, folks over at UnoTelly are offering a 40 day free subscription. So that should have you covered. Once you've signed up, they'll give you a special DNS address which you need to write down. After you're done with the DNS address and made adjustments to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer, you're going to need to set up a server for the Wi-Fi network to host your streaming on.

For more detail on how to do that, click on whichever links suit your device.

After you're done, make sure your internet is still working. Hopefully it should. Then head over to UnoTelly.com and choose which station you wish to tune in to to stream the World Cup final for free. However, the journey isn't complete yet for Apple users. For you iPhone, iPad or iTouch, you need to download the free iTV apps to make this work. To do this, you need to register a free iTunes UK account. On how to do that, click here. Once you're done, download the iTV app and the TV player app. For the Kindle fire, you can find similar apps on Google Play, but it would be prudent to try to download these without signing up for a new account.

And Voila! You can now stream the FIFA World Cup final for free on your device. You'll be thanking us.

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