Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Out On October 23 For PC, Q1 2016 For PS4 & XB1


Fatshark just confirmed in a press release that Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide will be available on October 23 for PC, while console users will have to wait Q1 2016 to get the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

By pre-ordering the game on Steam, you'll get a 10% discount and a beta key. Once it releases, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide will cost $29.99 / €27,99 / £22.99 for the base game, while the Collector's Edition will be priced at $44.99 / €39,99 / £33.99 and contains the following goodies:

  • Ubersreik Map - A high resolution digital copy of the Ubersreik Map, detailing the town and its treacherous streets.
  • Vermintide Wallpapers - High resolution wallpapers to decorate your screen and prepare you for the battles to come.
  • Behind the Scenes Pack - This pack contains documents, concepts and footage stretching back to the beginning of Vermintide's development.
  • Official Soundtrack - The atmospheric tones of the soundtrack written to match the malicious Skaven race, by critically acclaimed composer Jesper Kyd.
  • UNIQUE Headpiece: Candlelight Guard - A Guard for the Bright Wizard that is adorned with beeswax candles from Altdorf's most exclusive chandler. Beeswax candles burns cleanly without the foul and terrible odour of their cheaper tallow counterparts.
  • UNIQUE Headpiece: Dal Grimazul - From the Dark Lands to Marienburg, the shape of the Dal Grimazul helm is instantly recognizable. This is the classic Dwarf War Helm, proven over millennia of battle and hardship, and a favourite of Bardin the Ranger.
  • UNIQUE Headpiece: Hat of Purifying Light - With two candles blessed by Priests of the Great Temple attached to the band of his wide brimmed hat, a purifying glow surrounds the Witch Hunter as he strides forth in the night. “The righteous feel no pain. Be you unrighteous?” - Victor Saltzpyre.
  • UNIQUE Headpiece: Tal Amere Crown - A battle hood from the Hall of Tal Amere in Atylwyth, the winter realm of Athel Loren. Its delicate fabric keeps the wearer warm and safe, useful for Kerillian as she walks the often cold and hostile land of men.
  • UNIQUE Headpiece: Ironside Helmet - A helmet for the Soldier, named after the ‘Ironsides’, a unit whose recruits are drawn from the guards and apprentices of the renowned Imperial Gunnery School. Clad in heavy armour and armed with master-wrought firearms, the Nuln Ironsides are one of the most widely respected and well equipped Handgunner regiments in the Empire.
  • 2 UNIQUE Trinkets - Dazzle the rest of your team with these 2 prestigious trinkets.

Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund said:

We're really happy to announce to all fans of cooperative action titles that in October, they will be able to join the heroes of Ubersreik and repel the Skaven invasion. This is our most ambitious game and a project in which our entire team poured all of its passion. We can't wait to share our work with all the gamers and receive their feedback on Vermintide!

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is currently in closed beta. You can check out some live gameplay starting from next Monday, when we'll be able to stream our sessions on the YouTube channel; there will also be some open beta events closer to launch.